A Journey of Words has now been released by Scout Media. Join myself and thirty-five other writers as we entertain you with a variety of stories that will entice you, warm your heart, make you cry, introduce you to exotic places around the globe, or provide you with glimpses of places you can never travel to without one of us as your guide.

Through our flights of fancy you can ponder such questions as:
What do Deermen eat and where do they come from?
How long is too long to wait to address an invasion of ants?
Do dogs have feelings, and what do they really want out of life?
Are there consequences for mistreating our elders?
When is it too late to give up on your dreams?
Can you ever be too young to start pursuing a dream?
Should you be worried if you experience Deja Vu?
What exactly is a deadhead mile?
Are you a lamb or a lion, and do you have a choice?
Can colors be dangerous?
And of course, you'll find out just what killed the dinosaurs.

Jurassic Station is my entry and follows a stowaway on the world's first time machine as its crew seeks to discover exactly what killed the dinosaurs. I have imagined a lush, green world full of a myriad of reptiles, birds, things in between, monkey mice, water monsters. It's a glimpse into a long ago world that is simply to die for.

Are you ready to climb aboard?